Oral speakers


Oral Speakers
Name : Qi Zhou
Organization : University of California, Berkeley
Title : Sex-Specific Adaptation Drives Early Sex Chromosome Evolution in Drosophila
Name : Chao Zeng
Organization : Kyoto University
Title : Mapping and Aligning PacBio RNA-seq Data
Name : Haeseung Lee
Organization : Ewha Womans University
Title : In-silico prediction of drug repositioning candidates using an integrated network approach
Name : Tak Lee
Organization : Yonsei University
Title : Network Assisted Arabidopsis Systems Genetics For Studying Plant Complex Traits
Name : Hayato Sakata
Organization : The University of Tokyo
Title : A Computational Approach to Estimate and Compare 3D Chromatin Conformation
Name : Binbin Chen
Organization : Nanyang Technological University
Title : Improving Alkane Tolerance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Introducing Novel ABC Transporters
Name : Wen-Ling Chan
Organization : National Chiao Tung University
Title : Transcribed pseudogene pseudo-PPM1K generates endogenous siRNA to suppress oncogenic cell growth in hepatocellular carcinoma
Name : Abhinav Grover
Organization : Jawaharlal Nehru University
Title : Mechanistic analysis of prospective natural drugs for checking Alzheimer’s plaque pathology
Name : Woochang Hwang
Organization : KAIST
Title : Rule-based multi-scale modeling for analyzing combination drug effects
Name : Junho Kim
Organization : KAIST
Title : Discovering Potential Etiology for Schizophrenia with Somatic Deletions
Name : Kai-Yao Huang
Organization : Yuan Ze University
Title : SplicePred: a novel resource for identifying RNA splicing-related proteins
Name : Cheng-Tsung Lu
Organization : Yuan Ze University
Title : SNONet: Discovery of Protein S-nitrosylation and Nitric Oxide Signaling Network
Name : Min-Gang su
Organization : Yuan Ze University
Title : topPTM: a database of post-translational modifications on transmembrane proteins
Name : Junko Tsuji
Organization : University of Tokyo
Title : Comprehensive Analysis of Mitochondrial Pseudogenes In Mammalian Genomes
Name : Hanhae Kim
Organization : Yonsei University
Title : A Functional Gene Network for Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae